Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bacon, Blue Cheese, and 'Bama.

Just coming off the mend of a crazy flu. What better to way to spend the evening than gulping down good ol' fashioned comfort food with your baby, and watching two potential Presidents duke it out on Youtube?

I made a blue cheese and bacon casserole. It was mainly potatoes, but tasted wicked good. Served up with green beans and an apple and poppy seed salad it was relatively healthy, too.

Okay, not *that* healthy.


The debates were, well, the debates. Heartlessly depressing because you know ONE of those two men are going to hold all the power of the free world in their claws for the next four years. Slightly reinforcing because Obama is clearly the better choice, and seemed to come out swinging this time around.

At least we had bacon.

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