Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful and Tragic.

There is a beautiful little stone house down the street from me. It has been occupied by the same couple for the last fifty years. It is on a huge lot. It is beautiful, in an ugly duckling sort of way.

It is being torn down. Well, it is for sale for 495,000. Which is only feasible if you consider it is a commercial lot. So, it is being torn down.

Let me introduce you to one manifestation of my dream home...
1.24 Acres.
It sits on four lots, minimum. It has an old gravel drive leading up to the house.

It is entirely made of hand placed stone. The front porch has a stone floor. The front step is a giant slab of stone. The individual windows are ledged with stone.

If I build a stone house it is going to be in the will that you cannot tear it down and sell it as a commercial property.


  1. No way! This is my house! I love this house. Our apartments were across the street from it and I always told Todd that we should try to buy it if it ever came up for sale. Argh, this makes me so angry! It could be so beautiful if someone gave it some TLC.

  2. I actually suspected that you might know the place.

    Shame we don't have a spare half a million.